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Desktop charger with built in battery for public environment!


CharLi is an innovative service for charging smartphones, power banks, digital cameras, and other portable devices in public environments – customer service that makes people come back.

No longer do you need any electrical outlet for charging your devices, all the energy that you need is already inside CharLi, powerful and cordless. Small and flexible to place at any cafe-, restaurant-, bar-, lounge- or office-table ready to provide customer service in the best possible way. It is also perfect in any companies conference rooms.

CharLi charger is perfectly possible to graphic customize with logotypes, pictures or whatever you would like to use which makes it to a fantastic marketing display. There is an accessory available, a topper in plexiglas/acrylic, where you easily can change your message periodically. Perfect for “menu of the week” or your “monthly special offer”.


The unique combination of service (charging your guests smartphones) and marketing will in most cases mean increased sales!







From morning to night, no worries


From today charging customers device is no longer a problem

Stylish and practical


Fine design and nice function from a nice country – Italy.


Its design represents the best of Italian style, synonymous with quality and creativity, with the aim to interpret physically the satisfaction of a new and growing need.

Synergy between utility and aesthetics defines Italian design.
CharLi wants to express this and be a innovative product with fine lines.



The idea about function stems from the fact that we are constantly connected and thus the enormous need of being charged with energy - or the possibility of being able to recharge. The idea about the design stems from a stylistic concept of simplicity and linearity of shapes. The harmony of lines gives a distinct personality to the product, but without being too intrusive. Its design starts from the theory of simplicity of a cube, but in motion.


CharLi is the result of carefully selected materials and the latest technology. The idea of sustainability, quality and environmental recycling lies in the foundations.


Identity of the product is enhanced by its color and its ability to adapt according to each customer´s unique needs. Standard colors are black, white and green but allows for custom color options. Graphic adaptation and constantly updated messages is also possible and all together this strengthen the feeling of ``constantly in motion``.


Technology and Specifications
of use


The latest technologies and recyclability are behind the development of this product.


CharLi is on the table in restaurants, bars, halls, clubs, hotels and cafes and provides everyone the opportunity to continue to use their device, recharging while they spend some relaxing moments.

Technical specifications

  • 6 independent outputs from 5.25V – 1000mA max. Each output is electronically protected against short-circuit or overload.
  • 5 retractable cables with connectors for most popular smartphones.
  • A handy retractable device that allows you to automatically rewind the connection cables to maintain order and cleanliness on the table.
  • Maintain its charge several months in the case of non-use but we recommend to charge it at least every third month so that the battery will not be damaged.
  • Charging time from empty to full CharLi approximately 6-8 hours, connected devices  uses standard fast charge.
  • Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V 5Ah maintenance-free.
  • Weight approximately 2,3 kg which makes it solid on the table.
  • Dimensions: 14x18x13, 5 cm
  • Retractable cables interchangeable with ease.
  • Compact design, to minimize clutter on your desk.
  • CE-approved.
  • Manufactured and designed in the European Union.
  • 1-year warranty, battery life up to 5 years.

In any situation, at your fingertips


Energy unlimited everything that matters most


Make it truly yours


Customize your CharLi depending on your needs


CharLi is not any one product; Make it yours with custom graphics and useful accessories that will make a real design object … and a fantastic marketing place!

``A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.`` (Henry Ford)


As you want


You can customize CharLi the way you like, your imagination is the only limitation.


Functional and orderly


Napkins, menus, magazines or newspapers: CharLi helps you keep the tables neat and organized.


Constantly updated message


A handy accessory to periodically change the look of your CharLi unit with personalized menus or advertising.

CharLi Kensington locker

Possibility of theft protection


Despite the fact that almost none CharLi has been stolen around the world, there is of course a possibility to protect it from thieves. The new improved version of CharLi has a Kensington security slot so that you easily can lock and unlock it using wire lockers of Kensington type (often used for computers).

Choose your CharLi charger

At a table in a bar or a restaurant, in the lobby of a hotel, in other public places or in a companys conference room, CharLi is practical, useful and highly functional, and is available in black, white and green. Unlike color, the same energy and service! Stay connected!

Built-in battery makes it easy to place anywhere you want. With five charging contacts and a USB connector CharLi can charge up to six devices simultaneously and a total of up to 20 units before it needs recharging.

Discover where to buy!
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Connecting my phone can cause a short-circuit?

The sophisticated electronic circuit controlled by a microprocessor, ensures that this can not happen.

How many phones or other devices can be connected simultaneously?

CharLi is able to provide the service of charging up to 6 devices (if you also use the USB-contact) connected at the same time.

Can i also connect a Tablet?
Yes, you can connect and power most Tablets on the market.
What phones or other devices do fit?

CharLi has 5 charging contacts to suit the most common phone models (= 90%) in the Nordic countries (Micro USB, Apple Lighting, USB type-C). CharLi also has a USB connector which you can connect your own cable and reload cameras, portable headphones or others.

What do I do with my old CharLi charging station?

A CharLi must never be thrown in the trash! CharLi contains electronic components and it also contains a powerful battery. Charli must be submitted on the appropriate recycling centre or alternatively returned to Firolo AB for recycling. Firolo AB complies with all environmental regulations and takes part in an environmental plant-recycling program.

How do I recharge CharLi charging station?

To recharge a CharLi is very simple. Connect the supplied power cord to a power outlet and to your CharLi – charging takes 6-8 hours from zero to full. If you do not want to use the built-in battery you can keep CharLi connected to the power outlet at all time.

Can I have CharLi customized with my logo?
Certainly. It can be customized with your logo or with graphics all over the unit. It can also be manufactured in your own specific color depending on quantity.
Instruction - how to replace a retractable charging cable.

If you need to change a retractable charging cable, due to it´s broken or if you would like to change it to another modell, it is possible to do it by yourself. First you need to order charging cables via email and then you need to follow the instruction (pdf-file) on the link below.

Instruction – how to replace a charging cable


Contact Nordic distributor


Firolo AB
Box 453
116 74 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)706-500 500